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Top 4 Successful Examples of Conversational Marketing

Top 4 Successful Examples of Conversational Marketing

This helps boost the chances of sales conversion, ultimately boosting your ROI. To achieve these results, brands should seek out experienced, trusted partners to assist in developing and deploying a conversational marketing strategy. When Behr Paint Company wanted to drive sales by promoting the Color Finder—a new recommendation tool that streamlines the process of paint selection—they weren’t sure where to start. To help distribute their message in a personalized way, the company launched an AI-powered campaign on weather.com to facilitate near-real time dialogue with consumers. The tool offers personalized paint recommendations to users while gaining insight into color trends based on their responses. This unique experience can extend throughout the consumer journey with deployment across various channels such as digital advertisements, owned and operated sites, a mobile app and more.

  • They wantes a customer service that is bilingual and easily accessible, anytime and anywhere.
  • The following conversational marketing examples highlight how 2-way talk creates more authenticity and trust with consumers.
  • Pick a ready to use chatbot template and customise it as per your needs.
  • Conversational AI allows organizations to deliver a personalized experience at scale.
  • Even though it’s a conversation, this isn’t like a conversation with friends.
  • With conversational marketing, the lines between human-to-human and human-to-computer conversations get blurred through chatbots, live chat, and targeted messaging.

Many businesses worldwide now use conversational marketing to boost their chances of success. Below are a couple of prominent examples of conversational marketing in action. Once you have a clear vision regarding your needs, the next step is to pick the correct conversational marketing platform. A user story is a short and simple description of your product or surface which highlights its specific feature. The idea is to identify the pain points of your leads and show them how your product or service will solve their problem. User stories help you focus on the benefits from the user’s perspective.

Step 7: Identify Key Integrations

Rather than presenting web visitors with a cold, unwelcoming form, you can greet them on high-intent web pages and offer a warmer, more enjoyable way to convert. The following are the common examples of taking a conversational approach in social media marketing. Conversational marketing can help you create a positive experience for your customers. For instance, intelligent chats can help your customers make better purchase decisions. National Geographic debuted a new show, ‘Genius,’ an anthology about Albert Einstein, in 2017. Some fun conversational marketing using Facebook messenger was chosen by the company to promote the show and raise awareness among the audience.

What is an example of conversational marketing?

The most conventional example of conversational marketing in action is the use of lead generation chatbots. They are perfect for automating the process of lead capture and qualifying leads as they come in. The chatbot can be triggered when someone visits a specific page or after a delay.

Chatbots may come up with personalized offers and discounts by sending targeted messages based on triggers that you set up. After realizing that the old approach brings no results, Brendon has decided to organize customer communication differently. Let’s track his story and use his example to craft a working marketing strategy.

Customer Satisfaction Increases

DXB Kids decided to conversationalize its customer acquisition process with a WhatsApp chatbot. The assistant not only collects lead data but also can answer questions about all of their services. The issue with online shopping has always been the lack of human touch.

Microsoft used to run its supply chain operations on Excel spreadsheets; now it’s providing the building blocks for companies to … Plex CTO Jerry Foster explains how virtual reality technology and high-speed connectivity could allow factory line workers to do … During the pandemic, Disney revamped its data integration process after the media and entertainment giant’s existing data … UCaaS is becoming more popular as carriers roll out more sophisticated and integrated packages to users. As hybrid work and virtual collaboration grow, legacy security tools are no longer enough.

Offer better customer support

Conversational marketing is a powerful tool that improves the user’s experience and gets you more sales on your website. And success wasn’t just about getting people to register for the live event. Facebook Messenger was the highest converting source of new product users to HubSpot Marketing Free via the campaign.

conversation marketing definition

The button appears together with a message that can be personalized to fit the exact action,landing page, or product. In order to create a conversational landing page, you’ll need to use conversational design principles. These principles focus on creating a more engaging user experience by using conversational elements like questions, prompts, and personalization. The chatbot can be triggered when someone visits a specific page or after a delay.

Example 2: Automated and Live-Agent Product Recommendation with Sephora Beauty Products

But, for the time being, they remain in the VIP lounge, better suited for companies and brands with significant resources. However, turning the conversation into a successful marketing strategy requires the presence of key components that ensure the best practices. Big businesses like Nike, Sephora, and Pizza Hut use Messenger bots. However, they are very complicated for everyday business owners to create without help.

  • SMS marketing enables you to start engaging with buyers using personalized messages targeted to them.
  • Messaging apps allow you and your customers to get in touch wherever they are.
  • Here is a look at a few general strategies and best practices for rolling out an effective conversational marketing initiative.
  • Standardization is crucial to delivering clear, consistent answers, across conversations and users.
  • Chatbot platforms have the ability to understand those visitors and what they want by qualifying those leads in real-time.
  • Around 70% of users use it to get quick responses to their queries.

Conversational marketing hinges on messaging, and messaging often depends on AI-powered chatbots. In order to begin a dialogue with prospective customers, it’s important for businesses to make it as easy as possible for people to respond to ads. There’s been a whole lot of talk about conversational marketing in the past few years. That’s because more than ever, there are tools available to make it a reality. With the knowledge of what stage of the sales funnel you will start conversing with customers, select your tools.

Need help? Get a conversational marketing bot

And that’s just the “lead capture” application of conversational marketing chatbots. There are various types of chatbots a company might use over the course of the customer lifecycle, from sales to support. More and more consumers are now using messaging to connect with companies. The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2021 found that messaging conversation marketing definition experienced the biggest surge in popularity of any customer service communication channel over the last year. Messaging also saw the largest increase in first-time users, thanks primarily to Millennials and Zoomers adopting the technology. The conversational marketing experience typically involves a widget and some form of automation.

conversation marketing definition

Or you might realize they’re having trouble deciding between 2 different styles of shorts and need a little more information before making a purchase. The more proactive you are, the more your customers will grow to trust your brand and become loyal buyers. Nobody likes to be transferred around the digital world—although the option to relocate the conversation by choice is a welcome convenience. According to a report by Gartner, over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have chatbots by 2020.

The only difference is instead of typing your question or entering your input, you speak directly to the chatbot. There are two types of conversational marketing most readily used by modern online businesses. Conversational SMS marketing, or conversational texting, is one of them.


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